Kniksen Invitational

Welcome to Kniksen Elitecup which is arranged 9th-11th August at Nymark and Krohnsminde.



9th-11th August 2024

The tournament kicks off with the first game on Friday midday/afternoon, and the final match will be held on Sunday, no later than 14:00.


Team Registration: 3,500 NOK / 305€

Participants/Staff: 3,500 NOK / 305€ (2 nights)

Participants/Staff: 4,200 NOK / 370€ (3 nights)

Guest/Supporters (Price per night):

  •       Individual & double: 1250 NOK / 110 €
  •       Triple: 1450 NOK / 125 €
  •       Quadruple: 1550 NOK / 135€

Extras: Individual room cost 750 NOK / 65€ per night

Deposit of 15,000 NOK / 1325€ is required to secure a spot in the category, which will be deducted from the total budget.



  • U14 (Players born in 2010)
  • U13 (Players born in 2011)


  • U14 (Players born in 2010 and 2011)


Full board accommodation provided, including lunch served at the stadium, in a 4-star hotel near the airport.

Minimum of 4 matches guaranteed.

Medical coverage and participation in all tournament activities.

Medals awarded to all participants.

Transportation to every game from the hotel will be provided via bus.


Matches will take place at facilities adjacent to the SK Brann Stadium/Nymark. Two pitches surrounding the stadium will be utilized, while the third pitch will be located at Krohnsminde Idrettsplass, a convenient 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive away.

Annonse fra Eliteserien: